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Announcing the Blockchain Grants & Hackathons Repository

Posted on Mar 8 2021

I recently launched an initiative with Shadman Hossain, Shot K, and friends at Minority Programmers Association: The 2021 Blockchain Grants & Hackathons Repository!

This Repository is full of upcoming hackathons and grants that builders in DLT and crypto need to know about.

Click here to be teleported to the Repository!

Interested in contributing? Know of a grant or hackathon that needs to be listed? Get in touch! This is a community-driven initiative 😎.

🔨 Upcoming Hackathons in March and April:

  • Theta Network Q1 2021 Hackathon
  • Powering Possibility Hackathon
  • Hyper Hack 2021
  • Open Web Foundry Hackathon
  • Beyond Blockchain Hackathon
  • International Women's Day HackHerThon
  • RZRBlock Virtual Hackathon
  • Make it Mobile Hackathon
  • TimeBanco Hackathon
  • Gitcoin Grants Round 9 Hackathon
  • HackAtom RU 2021
  • Chainlink Hackathon 2021
  • StartHackNFT Hack
  • Others...

About Minority Programmers:

Minority Programmers' mission is to bring diversity through STEM education and innovation. We aim to help marginalized communities access opportunities through events, incubation, education, and capital.

Minority Programmers is an international network of community activists, students, professionals, and developers, unifying together to develop socially impactful software solutions and empower underrepresented communities through STEM education.